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OK, so, what's this for?

Nazareth University is implementing single sign-on enterprise-wide. This means that, eventually, you'll be able to use the same username and password for many systems. In fact, for some of them, you won't even have to log in at all, as long as you've logged in to something else recently!

A complete listing of affected systems is available.

OK, so, where do I click to get going?

If you're new to the Naz community, or don't know your password, you can activate your account.

If you've already activated your account, but you forgot your password, you can reset your password.

If you know your password, but want or need to change it, you can reset your password.

Otherwise, you can log in and edit your challenge questions, view your profile, or perform other tasks.

Account Activation

Nazareth University has introduced a new tool to allow users to take control of their own passwords. Before you can use this tool, you need to activate your account — a simple process that takes just a few minutes. Activation proves that you own your email account, and sets up challenge questions that will be used later on, if you ever forget your password.

You can begin the activation process at any time, assuming you have access to your Nazareth University email account.

Forgotten Password

If you forget your password, you can reset it securely using this online tool, provided you have already activated your account. When you want to reset your password, we will pick, at random, one of the questions you provided during Account Activation. You must answer this question correctly, and verify your email address to reset your password.

Challenge Questions

Nazareth University requires that all users of Naz systems set up at least 3 challenge questions. These questions form a question pool from which we will draw to verify your identity when resetting your password.

Password Complexity

In order to ensure security for our users, as well as to comply with legal and regulatory obligations, Nazareth University requires that your password adhere to a password policy. Any questions about this policy, or other technology governance issues, may be directed to the Director of Information Technology Services, Karen Kuppinger.

Questions? Comments? Can't get it to work?

The Technology and Media Service Desk is a team of dedicated IT first-responders. Contact them at (585) 389-2111 or email with any questions.

Please contact the Nazareth University web team at with any comments, feedback, or other non-time-sensitive inquiries.